Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tru-Shot uses the Learnsom training platform and takes shooting training into the 21st Century...

In late 2012, the Learnsom team were approached by Tru-Shot Ltd to provide a white-labelled version of our successful interactive video platform, Learnsom. Tru-Shot Ltd offer a purpose made training and diagnostic product developed with cutting edge technology.  The product ‘Tru-Shot’ is designed to be used as a training aid and to assist in overcoming those subtle shooting errors which consistently prevent improvement.

‘Tru-Shot’ is a unique coaching tool for the coach and competitor alike which introduces a scientific dimension that exceeds human capabilities, allowing the definitive identification of flaws, ultimately improving the shooters technique.

On the 22nd January 2013, Learnsom were very excited and pleased to launch the first of its kind..  a Social, Interactive Shooting Website developed for shooters who want to share and learn from each other in a common area.  Covering a wide range of shooting disciplines including American Skeet, Ball Trap, Compact Sporting, Double Rise, Double Trap, Down the Line, England Sporting, English Skeet, FITASC Sporting, Helice, Olympic Skeet, Olympic Trap and Universal Trap to name a few.  
The website, offers registered users an opportunity to view professional content captured using the ‘Tru-Shot’ unit, and a chance to develop their shot using by uploading their own footage captured by the ‘Tru-Shot’ unit, and submitting it for professional critiquing, aiding effective and efficient guidance on how to shoot like a professional.

Tru-Shot Ltd will be running many open days over the next few months, where the company welcomes you to come along to make use of the ‘Tru-Shot’ unit and upload your captured content to for critiquing by an experienced shooter of your choice.  Dates will be advertised on, so keep your eyes peeled!

Create your free account today and join the only social, interactive shooting website..

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